Framing a Subject

                      Do I have a strong composition? In both my images I think I had an okay composition with the position of the books. How well did I edit my photographs? My photographs in my opinion were well edited, you can see that in the … [Read more…]

Rene Magritte

For my critique I have chosen Rene Magritte. I chose Rene, because as I was researching each of the individual artists and photographers, his artwork was what most stood out to me. Looking at all his different art pieces, one can tell that there is a story or meaning behind each. In this particular image … [Read more…]

File Formats

JPEG- saves the image in a small file, but can also lose quality due to image compression. After saving using JPEG, enhancements and editing can’t be done. TIFF- saves as an uncompressed file, meaning the file size is bigger than a JPEG. RAW- saves as a compressed file and in a bigger file size, but … [Read more…]

Camera Modes

Automatic Mode- This mode adjusts its shutter speed, aperture, ISO, white balance, focus and flash. Automatic Mode will adjust their features according to its surroundings and in most cases this feature will give great results. Portrait Modes- This mode works best when shooting from the head to shoulders. This feature creates a large aperture to … [Read more…]

Camera Angles Critique

I think this is such a successful image and photograph because of its angle. In this image, we see the angle that it is taken in is as if we were the ones looking at the bouquet of flowers on the desk. I believe it is also a successful image because of the reflection of … [Read more…]