Portraits with Character & 5 Tips

  Tips: The best pictures come out when the subject is in their natural habitat and not in a forced smile portrait. Depending on the person you are photographing and their personality, the amount of light should reflect that. A black and white filter can be used to add personality to the portrait, but other … [Read more…]


Social Media Photographer- $44,664 a year Family/ Portrait Photographer- $36,290 a year Event Photographer-$87,469 a year Fashion Photographer- $28k- 55k a year Food Photographer- $41,332 a year Wildlife Photographer-$40,676 a year Photojournalism-$23k- 51k a year Paparazzi Photographer- $31,852 a year Sport Photographer- $49,047 a year Travel Photographer- $45,581 a year In my personal opinion I … [Read more…]

Shoot like Aaron Siskind

App Used: Snapseed For the image by Aaron Siskind, I chose this particular image. I chose this image because I like how he photographed the building. I also really like how the building takes up the whole frame so you can really see the image clearer. Another reason on why I chose this image is … [Read more…]

Candid Moments/ Journalism

This is an image of the homeless problem in Los Angles. I chose to photograph this in particular because it shows a problem that not many people focus on, and I wanted to bring the awareness that although it’s not talked about as much, it’s still something huge that people are going through This image … [Read more…]


When looking at different triptychs, this particular one was the one that caught my attention the most. This is because I love how the three images go together in order to make one bigger picture. The images on the sides continue to stretch the background further making the girl in the middle the main subject. … [Read more…]